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How to Fix A Dead Computer

Open-Computer-picsTo many resin why a running computer suddenly dead , or not power on , where as no any physically damage, don’t very your computer in not totally damage , here is discuss about some point behind a dead PC.

  1. SMPS.                                               
  2. RAM                                                         
  7. ANY EXTERNAL CARD                                                                              

Before following the steep you need to check some point

1st power cord: – If the computer is plugged into an uninterrupted power supply through a power cord. Testing purposes by plugging the computer power cord directly into a wall outlet one side & other side connect a bulb or multi-meter to make sure that its ok or not. Also you can check power cord through multi-meter in

Volt switch: – check the voltage setting switch in rear side of computer its correct position or no .its depend on your home electricity some country need to be set by deflate in230 volt.

Monitor: Before you most sure that your monitor ok or its working ,How to conform its working or not when we connect home computer the separate output connectivity for CPU or monitor from ups. After power on ups remove the monitor VGA cable from CPU rear position or monitor rear position. Then wait for minute until show check VGA cable/check signal cable. If it will be display that men’s monitor working perfectly.

20140301_164727SMPS :— its also called  SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLY The primary function of smps to convert the alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) .For a computer or CPU SMPS work as a same, a computer smps different output follow as below table

A Good ATX SMPS wires gives the following voltage as the output. And work for different purpose 


20140301_164901RAM – its called random access memory ram as memory which process data. Basically its 2 type

DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) ,
SRAM (Static Random Access Memory).
After done previous process please check by refitting ram , also Cline ram connector be four The fitting.


Output Connector  :- check all USB connecting device like audio system,printer, any other device which is connected through USB. or best way unplug all usb device  .



Bios resetting :- you can reset bios by refitting c-mos batter , first remove bios battery after 2 mints install it . remove all power/supply related cable & Chang c-mos pin configuration


External card:- if your computer have installed any external card l ,GRAPHIC card , LAN card ,SOUND card ETC, 1st remove all then check  ,maximum time problem happen from the devices.

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