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Now a day networking is most important part in everywhere. Every business runs on information wlan wairheather the business is privet or government sector, any office banking, dry-cleaning, or application like data maintain , inventory everything needs networking to be successful.the type of informaction change depend on business to business and industry to industry .

Networking allows several computer to transmit data to one computer to another computers easily , networking can help to share any type of date through a wair of wireless connecting system like printer any other computer peripherals.

Supposed you have use internet or connected internet to one computer and have networking installed , then this internet can be shared to another computers to access all internal & external resources , like share file control device , use the same internet connection to another computer .rj445

Types of Networking

The three basic types of networks as below

LAN-Local Area Networks

MAN– Metropolitan Area Network

WAN- wide Area Network

Local Area Network

A local area network (LAN) is two or more computers directly linked within a small well-defined area such as a room, building, or group of closely placed buildings. A LAN may be made up of only computer or any combination of microcomputers laptop and large systems.

A LAN usually structure of the following

  • Connect two or more computers
  • to Connects Lots of Peripheral devices such as printers, external screen
  • Software to control the operation of the computers or other devices connected to the LAN
  • Special cables, usually coaxial or fiber optic, to connect the computers and other devices
  • A plug-in board to handle the data transmissions.

Some computers require that all the computers be of a certain brand, while others allow a variety of brands to be connected. The number of computers in a LAN varies from smaller LANs that typicall3 connect 2 to 25 computers,

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