How to reset computer bios


Bios is the vital part of a computer, some time we change bios setup due to some resin like change boot configuration attached extra hardware devie, or you may have a problem when accidentally save settings in boot option after that the result as no power on or fail boot, this article help to you how to reset bios in a computer.

We can change bios setup in two ways one by keyboard & 2nd remove cmos battery.

Normally 1st try with key board after pressing the power button press del+f2 button at a time then you can enter the bios set up and you can change the bios setup value or restore defaults (note :for different motherboard to enter bios set up please tack guide from manual for key)

2nd before doing anything in motherboard 1st remove power cord from power supply then remove all extra device which is connected via usb except mouse or keyboard. After open power cord wait 15 minutes then remove cmos battery & change cmos jumper setting to bios clear mode from normal mode. Then in-shart cmos battery and wait 2-3 minutes then change jumper to normal mode from cmos clear mode .it will be done

(note: Not all manufacturers restore the BIOS in the same way, please tack guide from manual for pin configuration)

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