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How to Connect gear With Samsung Mobile

How to Connect Gear with Samsung Mobile


About galaxy gear

Samsung galaxy gear SM-N700 awesome gadgets, it’s like a smart watch, you can receive & dial call, also its support 1.9 megapixel camera. You can take snap by one click.

Problem:- Gear                                                                         gear

Which android version to require for galaxy gear
Gear not connect with my device
Not connect gear with Samsung s3, s4, s4mini, Note3
Gear connectivity problem
My gear not work

Requirement to connect gear with Samsung device

Samsung Gear SM-N700
Samsung device which you need to connect
Android os over 4.2
Samsung gear manger

There is 2 way to connect gear with Samsung mobile. One you can connect through NFC, or connect manually via Bluetooth.If you want to choose connecting process via NFC then this condition required charging dock to Crete connectivity
At first you need to download Samsung gear manager apps , to connect gear with Samsung handset , you can find it from Samsung mobile apps store ,its near about 20 mb , after install open on Bluetooth click connect new gear .
Now follow the instruction which demo video also in gear .otherwise follow below steep.Connect Gear through NFC:-1st goto setting then. Turn on NFC, & your galaxy gear, and then open gear manager connects by Touch the rear or battery side the mobile device onto the back of the charging dock. Wait sometime after few seconds it will be connect automatically. After connected the device you can customize as per your requirements.Connect through Bluetooth.:-You can connect device without charging dock. In this process 1st go to settings then turn on Bluetooth settings, open gear manager connect manually. After this you can follow process as per connect Bluetooth hands free. Or click scan for new device after found click & connect the device. After that you can customize your device.Please see below  the video process how to connect galaxy gear with handset:-
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