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Fix Charging Problem in Mobile Phone


No Charging Problem In Mobile 

Here is details about how to fix charging issue in mobile phone, normally mobile charging working in 5 volt  Dc supply .the standard volt of every mobile charge its 5 volt only defer current output, normallyits between (0.5 to 2 amp)

If you have face charging problem in mobile phone 1st try to check another charger if ok then replace your charger .Now follow the basic process to fix charging issue

Tools required fixing charging issue in mobile phone.

  • Mobile opener
  • Multimetter
  • Soldering iron
  • De-solder week
  • Hot air gun
  • No clean flux pen
  • Tewwzeer
  • Screw  driver

 Point to be Follow in No charging issue .

  1.  Dry Battery 
  2.  Fulty charger
  3.  Rust in charging connector
  4.  Connector pin brocken
  5.  Charging volt missing in connector
  6.  Fulty components

Be four the starting repair 1st check battery conduction its ok or not, normally a good condition battery provide 3.7 volt and near about 1000ma. Current always depend on battery capacity also its maintain over battery. Check it through multimetter if not found the same, boost the battery through 6 volt power supply & check. Now follow the repair process   1st disassemble handset & connect charger check charging volt in connector pin through multimetter you need to check tow point  one battery connector its near about 3.7 to 4.2 volt & another one charging connector  supply pin normally its near about 5 volt .see below snap to follow the process.

cahrging volt

If its missing then check charging connector pin, clean the micro USB slot. After cleaning connector check volt aging if till now voltage not found then need to replace connecter. Here is the video Bulletin how to replace mobile charging connector by following steep.

After replace charging connector check if still same check the supply capacitor or line capacitor for short kindly check if required replace, Near capacitor area or maximum company use a zener diode to protect device against supply volte check  your device .

supply capacitor

supply capacitor

zener dioad

zener dioad

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