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Hot Air Gun

hot air gun

Hot air gun which is also called smd rework system is common tools for who are connected with repairing digital smd circuit. Everyone knows that what is soldering system. Hot air guns also a soldering system, but something different with normal soldering system. It’s available in market in verity type, a standard hot air price near about 600$ to 800 $. Or a normal solider iron price near about 100$ which is used in common soldering working purpose.  we know every electronics component connected together with soldered. Mostly hot air gun operated by 1000 watt, a hot air gun have a one element which is control by a temperature controller system and one air flow compressor, its provide (100 degree F to 900 degree F) normally working temperature is 450F – 500 F degree which is required for connect or disconnect electronics component on smd board but for standard lead-based solder (lead-free requires slightly higher temps), today its very major tools for mobile repairing phone, computer, pda and any type of device which have a smd motherboard  to replace components .

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