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Heating issue in Samsung Galaxy s6

Your brand new handset gets hot when you using it half or one hour, don’t think that’s your device is faulty or something damage in your device.

s6 HeatSet heat due to using game: when we use game in device for one or two hour set get hated, also some of user set display backlight in 100% at the same time & its help to increase temperature too much. before the starting  any game or video in your device please  set display contrast low level & close all apps by task manager.

Set heat due to 3rd party apps: – other than pre-installed apps we have use lots of apps in our device from open source market, maximum time some of the apps are responsible for that.

How to conform that problem happened due to 3rd party apps : 1st shut down your device then power on again and wait until Samsung logo appear in screen, then press volume down button & hold after that you can see your device power on with safe mode, now check your device.

Don’t use handset while charging: – lots of users are using handset while it’s charging. Please don’t use your phone at charging time.

Location setting: – turn off location settings when it’s not in use

Disable Wi-Fi – please disable Wi-Fi when it’s not in use

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