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Fix Hanging issue in Android device

For a mobile device hang & slow processing is common issue, everyone knows that hang & slow process of a device depends on the available disk space, processor configuration & available ram provided in hangthe handset. Other than above parameter one more important thing behind hanging issue, number of application running in the handset. Because every application are using ram as per they are requirements.

If you want smooth performance it’s most important that you have to take care of your device,

1st don’t install unused apps, please uninstall unused apps which is you relay don’t need to.

2nd don’t use any antivirus in your device.

3rd don’t use any ram buster apps or battery buster apps in your device.

4th please closed all application after using the device by task manger. To use task manager please hold home key for one or two seconds.

5th clear ram after using your device.

6th please restart your device once in a day.

7th don’t use your device memory over 70%.

8th set default downloading directory memory card for downloading any content.

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