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Fuse: – fuse is a safety device which protects an electrical circuit from the effects of over current, in a mobile device every company uses a low value resistance which is called fuse-able resistance, its value maximum 0.1 ohm, generally it is connected with supply line if any component malfunctions like taking over current, short then it helps to disconnect the supply, & protect from the damage.

Resistance: – an object which breaks the flow of strength, that’s called resistance. Or resistance is the property of an object or substance of resistance. The unit of resistance is ohm. Slandered abbreviation of resistance is r

Capacitor:- capacitor is a device which storns a electric charge, it’s also called condenser. The unit of capacitor is farad (f).normally we find capacitor unit is micro farad, because  farad is a very large unit. The slandered abbreviation of capacitor is c

Coil:- an electronic circuit  with one or  more turns of current caring wire which winds  round or concentric ring forms that’s called coil , it’s also known as an inductance.

Transformer: – to use one or more coil in close proximity to another coil is the concept of transformer. It is used for changing the ac current or voltage. Its normally of two types step up which provides maximum current by minimum input source, & another one, step down which provides minimum current by maximum input source.

Diode: diode is semiconductor device which has  two connection points one is called  anode &  the another one is  called cathode, it works for converting ac to dc . On the other side many times we use diode as a protection of the circuit of device.

Led: led stands for light emitting diode. It can produce light, normally its used for maximum electronic devices for inducer, it’s like a bulb, its semiconductor of the source of light, there are two terminals of it to connect with pcb one anode & another one cathode.

Transistor: – transistor is a semiconductor device which i helps to different types of amplification like volt, signal. Sound wave etc. It’s have three connecting pin they are called  as collector, emitter, and base. Its two type one npn & another one pn

Crystal:- crystal is an electronics components which helps  to maintain the clock signal in the circuit device. Also it maintains the signal frequency of related circuit

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