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There is an option in every mobile phone its called predictive text or t9 mode. It is very helpful for those who are need to writing fast and ignore grammatical mistake. also the predictive or t9 option will helping to save time.Predictive text

The predictive text call as (T9) that means text only 9 keys, its use on mobile phone ,smart phone & some gadget’s which are support some small size of keypad.  you can found lots of word which is already programed in device memory like a dictionary , Don’t be tense for new words you can also add new word which you need after type the word which you want to add and then click add new word after that its permanently saved in your device.

Write with predictive text. 1st activate predictive or t9 mode in mobile, then write the word which you actually need to. As example if you want to write MOBILE then just press the button in your keypad 662459.

Type mobile word without Predicative mode  Type mobile word with Predicative mode
Button Number 6 one click= M Button number 6 one click= M
Button Number 6 click two times =O Button number 6 one click=O
Button Number 2 click 2times =B Button number 2 one click =B
Button Number  4 three times=I Button number 4 one clicks=I
Button Number 5 three times=L Button number 5 one click=L
Button Number 3two times = E Button number 3 one click = E


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