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How To Use Wifi Direct


Wi-Fi, is a latest & most popular technology, that’s help to create communication between two device to exchange data or connect to the internet without any wire.

wifi direct

How To Use Wifi Direct

Almost every smartphone are support this technology.

 Difference between Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi direct.

Wi-Fi use to connect internet through router without any wire. And Wi-Fi direct use for share date between two devices without any internet connectivity. Like videos, picture, phonebook, documents etc.

  • How to connect device through Wi-Fi direct
  • Go to the device settings,
  • Then go to Wi-Fi settings
  • Click wife direct on left top of corner click to turn it on.
  • Similarly Turn on Wi-Fi direct in another device or 2nd device
  • Now your 1st device ready to connect with 2nd device
  • Now Click connect to another device from your 1st device, after selecting new device you will see a pop up in 2nd device for connection conformation click accept , now both handset are connected with each other and ready to share file .

Video Guide for How to Connect Wi-Fi Direct

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