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How to Share Mobile Internet to PC

There is an option in every android device which called hotspot. Through this application you can easily share your mobile internet connection to your pc, you can also share your mobile internet with different way like, share internet connection through Bluetooth, share internet connection via data cable & another one share internet via Wi-Fi hook network or hotspot.

Internet sharing througshare via usbh Bluetooth: if your laptop or computer support Bluetooth internet connectivity then you can use it.

Share internet through data cable: – if you wish connect internet through data cable just plug-in your data cable between pc and mobile device then just click usb tethering in your device & it will be automatically connect with mobile internet, at the same time data cable also help to charging the device, so that you don’t be tense about drainage of mobile battery.

Share internet via hot spot: – this is tshare via wifihe easiest way to share your device internet connection to another device, you can also connect 5 device at a time through Wi-Fi hotspot. Just go to mobile device settings and tap mobile hotspot you can also change the connection security type set password if required.

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