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10 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Battery backup is the common issue for every mobile user, after following below steps you can improve your handset battery backup up to 15 to 20 percent.

1st try to 100% (full) charge your phone after showing  charged full then remove or unplug the charger, & do not plugin for next charging until show low battery

2nd change your display contrast level. If possible try to set it below 50%

3rd close unwonted program or apps which is not in use. If you have android handset then clan ram after using, also closed all program from task manager.

4th set ringer volume maximum 60 -80%, if possible do not set vibration with ringer mode.

5th turn off WI-FI, GPS & Bluetooth when it’s not in use

6th if your phone have power saving mode please enable it. It’s available on maximum android mobile

7th disable sync for those apps ,which are not in use.sync settings

8th turn off data sync or internet connectivity when it’s not required. Or after use.

9th don’t use any animated live wallpaper its drain battery to .

10th use your camera flash at night, don’t use it on day. bettery if you set flash in auto mode .


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