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Windows Shortcut Key


  •  Windows Shortcut Key  

  • Windows logo key+F1 – Open Windows Help and Support
  • Windows logo key – Display or hide the Start menu
  • Windows logo key+B – Set focus in the notification area
  • Windows logo key+C – Open the Charms
  • Windows logo key+C – Open the commands for the app
  • Windows logo key+D – Display and hides the desktop
  • Windows logo key+E – Open Computer
  • Windows logo key+F – Open the Search charm and search file
  • Windows logo key+G – Cycle through gadgets on the desktop
  • Windows logo key+H – Open the Share charm
  • Windows logo key+I – Open the Settings charm
  • Windows logo key+J – Switch the main app and snapped app
  • Windows logo key+K – Open the Devices charm
  • Windows logo key+L – Lock your PC or switch users
  • Windows logo key+M – Minimize all windows
  • Windows logo key+O – Lock device orientation
  • Windows logo key+P – Choose a presentation display mode
  • Windows logo key+Q – Open the Search charm and search apps
  • Windows logo key+R – Open the Run dialog box
  • Windows logo key+T – Cycle through apps on the taskbar
  • Windows logo key+U – Open Ease of Access Center
  • Windows logo key+V – Cycle through notifications
  • Windows logo key+Shift+V – Cycle through notifications in reverse order
  • Windows logo key+W – Open the Search charm and search settings
  • Windows logo key+X – Opens the Quick Link menu
  • Windows logo key+, – Temporarily peek at the desktop
  • Windows logo key+Z – Show the commands available in the app
  • Windows logo key+Pause – Display the System Properties dialog box
  • Windows logo key+Ctrl+F – Search for PCs (if you’re on a network)
  • Windows logo key+Shift+M – Restore minimized windows on the desktop


  • WINDOWS + SHIFT + TAB Reverse live view scroll through open applications (Vista & higher)
  • WINDOWS (or CTRL + ESC) Display the Start Menu
  • CTRL + + (on numeric Keypad) Resize column to length of longest line
  • SHIFT + * (on numeric Keypad) List all subfolders of currently open folder in Windows Explorer
  • F1 Display help for the current application
  • F2 Rename highlighted object
  • F4 “Position cursor at the Address Bar in
  • Windows Explorer”
  • F5 Refresh contents in Internet Explorer
  • ALT + F4 Close current application
  • CTRL + F4 Close open window in current application
  • CTRL + N Open new window in current application
  • CTRL + Z Undo last edit in current document or field
  • CONTEXT (or SHIFT + F10) Display the context menu
  • SHIFT + DEL Permanently delete item, no Recycle Bin
  • F10 Display Menu Bar options
  • SHIFT + F10 Display the Context Menu
  • SHIFT (while inserting CD/DVD) Prevents auto-play of CD/DVD
  • CTRL + A Select all
  • SHIFT (hold while selecting items) Select multiple items inclusively
  • CTRL (hold while selecting items) Select multiple items individually
  • ALT + PRINT SCREEN Copy screen shot of current application to the clipboard
  • CTRL + C Copy highlighted item to the clipboard
  • CTRL + X Cut to the clipboard
  • CTRL + V Paste from the clipboard
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