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LCD (liquid crystal display) used in lots of electronics device. Like mobile, computer, wrist watch, meter, bike, gps. Video game. TV & many more device. basically the LCD is type of screen its depend on display technology that uses LCDelectrodes and polarizing filters to selectively enable or disable pixels of light to pass from, a backlight or reflective backing to the eyes of the viewer. The LCD are very thin but they are mad by by multiple layer, those layers include two polarized panels with a liquid crystal solution between them. Light is projected through the layer of liquid crystals and is colorized, which produces the visible image.

Type of LCD

TFT: – TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor, and is a type of technology used to improve the image quality of an lcd

AMOLED is the abbreviation for Active-Matrix OLED, this type of display found in TVs and mobile devices. AMOLED displays actually pair part of a traditional TFT display

OLED: — Organic Light-Emitting Diode this type display provide better picture quality sharper & bright

IPS abbreviation is in-plane switching. An IPS-LCD more thin then other display its offers better viewing angles than TFT-LCDs.

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