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Hanging Problem in Android phones


How to prevent your android phone form hang & freezes.

Every mobile device working with an operating system, & the operating system performance depends on the hardware configuration of the handset.the major part of handset which is helps to provide smooth using experience that is processor & ram, as a user normally we have use lots of application in the device & at the time of working any apps in device ram helps to performing the apps, sometime they are outer of the ram & result set gets slow & hang.

How to improve your phone performanceram

Hang or Slow Processing of a phone depends on the available RAM provided in the handset for System / Application Usage. Phone performance always depends on the number of applications running in the background. Applications running in background consume RAM, More Applications consumes more RAM which slows down the performance.

  • Don’t put any unused application in your device, because every application consume some percentage of ram its depends on application.
  • Clear ram from ram manager every time after using the device.
  • Use task manager after using the handset every time.
  • Don’t use  >80 percent memory of your total memory (recommended using space <70% of total memory).
  • Try to use external memory card & save maximum data in it.
  • Set your default media storage external memory card like, internet downloading content, camera snap.
  • Always try to use standard class of memory card like class 10, class 8 etc .
  • Try to avoid using live wallpaper.
  • Don’t use any anti-virus in your android device (generally antivirus not required for android phone).
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