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Fix heating issue in android Handset


Today mobile phone is part of our daily life we cannot think a single day without mobile phone, day by the uses of mobile are rapidly grow-up, this is not bad things, but when you depends on single piece, you have to take care of it . For that when your android device heat up you warred about,20131122_133318

  • Why my device heat up?
  • What I had done with the device?
  • Does my device is faulty?
  • Does my device is infected by virus?
  • What is the resin behind heating my device?

In our daily life we have use lots of gadgets like laptop computer TV fridge  & all device are generated heat when it’s working, its basic character of every electronics devices but temperature should be depend on environment & uses .

How to avoid heating issue in mobile:

Every mobile phone are normally generate heat when it’s completely under using,

Turn off Background Running apps

Every application are using ram or processor when it’s active or minimize, so please turn off your minimize apps after using. You most remove all apps from task manger after use

Disable Wi-Fi after use

Disable Wi-Fi in your device after using it’s also save your battery.

Don’t put your device with other device & because every electronics device forbid radiation & the another device may got interrupted with other frequency   .


Set display brightness in auto mode, don’t set your display contrast in full mode. It’s also improve your battery backup,

Data sync

Don’t sync data in 2g mode its take more time in slow internet speed & for that time your handset constant transfer date to web server, if possible please sync data when u need ,

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