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There is lots of festival in Indian culture, Dussehra is another one. Each festival in India has its own meaning & purpose of celebration.   It’s happened after navaratri means it is celebrated on dasami 10th day of the month. We know dussehra as Victory of Good over Evil” is also called that day as Vijayadashami and its celebrated as victory of Goddess Durga .

Behind the Dussehra as per great indian epic ramayan’s ravan was great solar Ramayana’s Ravana was a great scholar, He was the king of Lanka, He was killed on this day by Sri Rama.Durga came on the earth on this day. The meaning of Durga is victory of good over evil. We celebrate Dussehra so that our evils are destroyed and goodness trample, Dussehra is celebrated in all parts of India with joy and fun.

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