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Hello: My name is Bidyut. I am a professional in electronics and telecom engineering. At present I serve as Manager in Consumer Electronics company

In this website, I shall share my experience and expertise on Mobile Phone Repairing and Taking care of Mobile Phones with some simple and useful tips and tricks. I shall also share my experiences in other fields such as computers, laptops and tablets etc.

Please feel free to write to me for any suggestion, comment or for any other purpose.

I hope you find this website useful.

Thanks & Keep Smiling!



  • Hi.I am very sad my samsung t705 simply slot some problem keep showing no network otherwise tab working fine except calling not possible. Samsung says get motherboard changed but I can’t afford 9thousand.please is there a way to repair only simply slot which sometimes shows network still calls are not connected.I will be very thankful if you can repair it and can you tell me where are you based.

  • Android mobile xytel was in now scratches and not working touch screen but mobile was on

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